No regrets

Life is full of choices, but its actually the small little decisions that always seem to create the biggest changes. Each decision you make takes you down to a new path, I cant wait to see the path I’ve created for myself by my decisions over the past few weeks. I have all the faith that they will lead me onto the life I’ve always wanted for myself and the people most important in my life. I absolutely do not have any regrets.

Weird. I don’t like it

Now I’m part of the trend of covering your face with your phone when taking a selfie. Weird. I don’t like it.

Brace yourself, winter is over

Brace yourself, winter is over.

Yet another black and white

За последнее время в моём инстаграме произошло очень много важных событий. На самом деле нет. Всего лишь несколько новых фоток.

Кажется, мне пора поменять телефон на тот, у которого фронтальная камера лучше. Или носить с собой фотографа.

Brace yourself, winter is coming Brace yourself, winter is coming

Brace yourself, winter is coming.

Selfie-Jesus Selfie-Jesus

Селфи-Иисус благословляет все твои снимки в зеркале.
Даже неудачные.
Особенно неудачные.

Time to use another part of your brain.

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